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Zelensky Declares Russian Strike on Soldiers at Ceremony as Criminal Act


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President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine announced on Sunday that criminal proceedings were underway regarding an incident in which Russian missiles struck a group of Ukrainian soldiers during an award ceremony in the southern part of the country. The attack resulted in casualties, including fatalities and injuries.

Mr. Zelensky provided limited information about the incident and did not disclose the exact number of casualties. However, his acknowledgment implied a significant and grave military failure, as the Ukrainian government seldom discusses setbacks in its conflict with Russia.

In a released speech on social media, Mr. Zelensky referred to the incident as a tragedy that could have been prevented. He emphasized the need to establish the complete truth about the event and take measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

An unnamed military official stated that the investigation would focus on how Russia obtained information about the event, allowing them to target it. The official also mentioned that holding the ceremony in an open location may have violated military doctrine, considering the conflict’s history of striking troop concentrations behind the front lines.

Ukraine’s military released a statement on Facebook, accusing Russia of launching “sneak attacks” on several settlements in the Zaporizhzhia region, including the targeted missile strike on the 128th brigade personnel during the ceremony. The statement confirmed casualties among servicemen and local residents but did not provide further details.

Viktor Mykyta, the head of the military administration in Zakarpattia, confirmed the strike and deaths, and declared a three-day mourning period in his region. He encouraged people to visit churches and pray for the soldiers.

Russia’s Defense Ministry acknowledged its forces’ activity in the Zaporizhzhia region but did not directly address the strike in Zarichne. The exact number of casualties and the nature of the strike in Zaporizhzhia remain unconfirmed.

Although both sides have experienced significant casualties in the ongoing conflict, the battle lines have remained relatively stable. It is unlikely that Friday’s strike would have a substantial impact on the course of the war. However, Mr. Zelensky’s speech indicated that the incident occurred during a challenging period for Ukraine.

In his address, Mr. Zelensky expressed the importance of addressing issues that weigh on people’s hearts, including negligence, Soviet legacy, and bureaucratic obstacles hindering Ukraine and its defense forces. Although he did not specify the broader problems the country is facing, recent weeks have seen Ukraine lose prominence on the international news agenda. Some Republicans, including former President Donald J. Trump, have called for a halt in U.S. aid to Ukraine, further complicating the situation.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s counteroffensive, supported by military funding and training from NATO allies, has yet to achieve its objective of breaking through Russian defenses in the south and east. This, coupled with the increasing possibility of an extended conflict, has tested national morale.

General Valery Zaluzhny, the commander of Ukraine’s armed forces, acknowledged that his troops were in a stalemate with Russia along the front line, and a breakthrough was not imminent. This open admission, made during an interview with The Economist, implies a potential division between Ukraine’s top civilian and military leadership.

In an interview with NBC News, Mr. Zelensky expressed his disagreement with the idea of a stalemate and reiterated the need for more military aid. However, the conflicting statements suggest a possible rift between the civilian and military perspectives. Military experts believe that achieving a rapid advance in the coming weeks may prove difficult for Ukraine, as previous attempts have been unsuccessful. Delaying any progress could allow Russia to bolster its artillery production, deploy additional land mines, and strengthen its defensive structures.


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