Throwback Thursday: We Want Extra Retirements From Congress

It is very unhappy about Dianne Feinstein. The New Yorker has printed Jane Mayer’s “Dianne Feinstein’s Missteps Elevate a Painful Age Query Amongst Senate Democrats.”

I am submitting this underneath “Throwback Thursday” as a result of I wrote about it TEN years in the past:

[written in 2010] I definitely perceive the collective whine coming from us progressives over the “loss” of Senators Dodd and Dorgen. However look, each of them have birthdays in Could: Dodd shall be 66 and Dorgan 68. When are these guys supposed to retire?

We have the oldest US Senate within the historical past of endlessly. Forty-eight US Senators are over sixty-five, and twenty-seven of these are over seventy. [The current number shows 31 Senators over 70.]

I do not need anybody to suppose I am being ageist right here, although I truly suppose it is an ageist factor on the a part of boomers to maintain these (pardon the expression) fossils in workplace. One at all times feels youthful if the management of your nation is older than you. A big a part of the susceptibility of seniors to mistrust Obama has to do with him being in his forties, I am certain.

And why would a physique of (largely) males who proceed to get Federal Worker medical insurance see the urgency of a Medicare buy-in for individuals underneath sixty 5? Hell, Senator Grassley (operating for re-election and he’ll be 78 in September) instructed a constituent flat-out final June that if he wished a great deal on medical insurance he ought to change into an worker of the federal authorities. No, actually:

I believe we’d like extra members of Congress to retire.

Certain, like a whole lot of progressives I’d miss Bernie Sanders (68) and Jay Rockefeller (72), and Barbara Boxer (69). However I definitely do not suppose there aren’t progressive candidates obtainable to run and serve of their place.

The Democrats, particularly, must be ashamed for needing to wheel Robert Byrd (ninety-effing-two) into the chamber late Christmas Eve for a sixtieth vote. If Joe Lieberman (67) can fake-filibuster with out truly lifting a finger or pulling out a cot, Byrd ought to be capable to vote “aye” from house.

The argument for incumbency advantages solely the 2 political events and the promoting reps and consultants who make operating for workplace a million-dollar enterprise. Screw them and their self-preservation. As Chris Dodd stated yesterday, “None of us is irreplaceable. None of us are indispensable. Those that suppose in any other case, are harmful.”

The issue has change into worse in ten years. Those that are nonetheless in Congress since I wrote that put up in 2010 are, after all, ten years older. There are 31 senators over age 70 proper now. A 2017 report indicated a pharmacy delivers Alzheimer’s meds to Members, plural, of Congress.

It is painful to remove positions from people who find themselves dropping cognizant talents. Many people have been way of the “take away dad’s automobile keys” moments. Nevertheless it occurs, and it is time for Congressional workers and management to make that troublesome name as an employer.

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