The Navy is Focusing on the Improper Teams & Utilizing Non-Existent Threats in an Try to Deprive Individuals of Their Rights

Our navy management has gone fully across the bend. It’s flat out refusing to deal with constructing and sustaining probably the most deadly power within the World, capable of deploy at a moments discover path of the Nationwide Command Authority and in protection of the nationwide pursuits of those United States. As an alternative, it’s armpit deep in pandering to mentally disordered personnel, as I famous in Opinion: Protection Secretary Austin Performs Politics Proper Out of the Gate.

In that piece, I requested a pointed query, one I had directed at quite a lot of Flag Officers:

How will this coverage or choice: Enhance Lethality, Value Effectiveness, Survivability, Fight Effectiveness, Logistical Sustainability, Readiness, Deterrence or every other metric which we assess our navy capability to kill individuals and break issues on behalf of the Nationwide Command Authority

Not one of many perfumed princes has been capable of reply, selecting as all the time, to deal with different points. Now the the “E-Ring” (The place the SECDEF hangs his hat in The Pentagon) has determined to conduct what’s referred to as a Stand Down to handle the statistically non-existent challenge of white supremacist-driven extremism within the Armed Forces. As reported that bastion of fact, NBC Information:

The Pentagon on Wednesday stated it was nonetheless unsure easy methods to grapple with the issue of extremism in its ranks and introduced a military-wide pause to permit troops and commanders an opportunity to deal with the problem.
Lloyd Austin, the primary Black secretary of protection who just lately took over on the Pentagon, ordered every department of the navy to stand-down sooner or later over the subsequent 60 days to debate the risk posed white supremacy and related extremism, stated Pentagon press secretary John Kir.

Learn: Pentagon orders pause throughout navy to handle extremism in its ranks

A stand down on this sense, includes a pause in all however completely important operations (assume, items in touch with the enemy) for some interval, often 24 hours, so as to tackle some important concern of fast import. These are often issues of safety involving plane, though others have addressed points reminiscent of sexual harassment and suicide prevention.

In responding to ISECDEF Austin’s unsubstantiated assertion of extremism within the ranks of the navy, my good buddy and fellow Infantryman, Streiff, had this to say:

This was an unconscionable affront to the US navy. The assertion that Nationwide Guardsmen posed an insider risk to Joe Biden ought to have been met with guffaws and a refusal of any governor to associate with it. In September 1934, Adolf Hitler was inspecting a jaeger regiment commanded Colonel Erwin Rommel. The Nazi safety equipment insisted that politically dependable SS troops be positioned between Rommel’s regiment and Hitler. Rommel stated that if that got here to move, his troops wouldn’t be there. It’s a disgrace when our navy commanders can’t muster the identical braveness.

Learn: DOD Makes use of Witch-hunt for Extremists to Set the Stage for a Purge of Conservatives from the Navy

That is beginning to odor like one thing greater than Leftists screwing up every part they contact. Stroll with me as I believe my approach means of this. Perhaps you would possibly see one thing I’m lacking.

To begin with, our Navy has had a goodly portion of it’s power repeatedly deployed because the cowardly, Islamist assault on the World Commerce Middle and the Pentagon on 9-11. Take into consideration this. Troopers with kids after they first deployed, are actually saying farewell, as their grandkids are those boarding Rotator Flights to The Sandbox. Whereas a few of that has been undoubtably obligatory, President Trump properly noticed although the corrupt Navy Industrial Advanced. He took steps to withdraw troops from unwinable wars and tried to curtail the cash provide to company feeding troughs.

There have been a pair attention-grabbing products from this. To begin with, my beloved Soldiers (and all different troops too) have grow to be battle hardened and gained invaluable fight expertise. There may be additionally little doubt that a large variety of them, fatigued a number of deployments beneath hazardous situations, made much more lethal insane Guidelines of Engagement and publish firefight judicial harassment, are very pleased to not be spending one other fight tour. And make no mistake about it. They know who’s chargeable for that. They know.

That brings us to the latest, obvious effort to purge Trump supporters from the Navy. If the Left had as its want, to (re)contain these United States in pointless conflicts, I’m fairly certain there could be completely no cause to get rid any navy members primarily based on political affiliation. The tradition of our navy is usually that when known as to the colours, you go and also you struggle. Completed.

Then there’s the opposite half of the equation. Word that the goal of this stand down is concentrated on a statistically non-existent challenge, quite than the infiltration of ANTIFA, BLM and Essential Race Principle into our Navy’s Senior Chief choice making course of. What’s so egregious about this, is that the Leftists are utilizing a flat out lie, as the idea for destroying our establishments.

I’ve outlined a few of this in, Opinion: Most of This Turmoil Has Been Based mostly on a Lie…together with a sequence displaying intimately that not solely is the principle behind Black Lives Matter a lie, but it surely’s really Democrat governance that has and continues to deliver, probably the most hurt to Blacks and different minorities.

Learn: Black Lives Matter, However Not To Democrat Politicians (Elements I-VII)

So Group, on one hand, we have now what appears an entire lot just like the beginnings of (an admittedly extra delicate) Stalinist purge of the Navy. On the opposite, we have now avid promotion the senior navy management of counterfactual historical past and a decided effort to undermine the ethics, mores and morale of the establishment sanctifying, what look like actual insurrectionists within the ranks.

The one cause I can give you for purging Trump supporters, is the chance that anyone has some aberrant concepts on doable makes use of of our troops which may not move constitutional muster. On the opposite facet of that, are the acolytes of ANTIFA/BLM who stay within the ranks and who won’t be in any respect averse to violating the civil rights of Americans.

All that’s wanted on high of that, are just a few of us with some referent credibility, to start the cacophony of cries calling for the Navy to Do One thing concerning the scourge of all these white supremacist Trump supporters. Assume that’s Tinfoil Hat speaking? Assume once more. From NPR:

On the subject of home extremists reminiscent of those that stormed the Capitol, a longtime CIA officer argues that the U.S. ought to deal with them as an insurgency.
Which means utilizing counterinsurgency techniques — related in some methods to these used within the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Learn: Former CIA Officer: Deal with Home Extremism As An Insurgency

So let’s recap. We’ve the Navy, utilizing extremism as an excuse to rid itself of Trump supporters, or anyone else who received’t march lockstep in assist of efforts to undermine the Structure. We’ve a former Navy and very long time CIA Officer advocating the remedy of U. S. residents as insurgents. What does all of that add as much as? Nothing good.

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