The Button: Revisited with new urgency

This is the mushroom cloud after the atomic bomb that exploded over Nagasaki on Aug. 9, 1945.

In December, I wrote: “Does it make sense to present anybody man the ability to explode the world?” Little did I do know!

“Seventy-five years in the past, science created probably the most horrible weapon in human historical past — the atom bomb. … Since then, we’ve gotten used to residing with the bomb, first the atomic, then the hydrogen. Tens of 1000’s of bombs, that’s. For many, or all of our lives one man — the president of america — has had the unchecked energy to start a nuclear struggle with out consulting with anybody, ought to he so select.”

Extra:My Take: The Button

My eyes had been opened to this an enchanting new e book, “The Button: The New Nuclear Arms Race and Presidential Energy from Truman to Trump.” That’s not one thing we expect a lot about — however we should always. Significantly after the near-insurrection of the seats of energy when thugs and goons invaded the nation’s Capitol on Jan. 6: We now want to consider it, large time. 

Douglas Neckers

These rioters had been on a loopy mission despatched the defeated president to attempt to get senators to overturn the outcomes of the 2020 presidential election. “Dangle Mike Pence,” they cried, as a result of the in any other case pliant vice chairman had instructed Trump he had no authority to not settle for the electoral end result. One other high-pitched male voice may very well be heard yelling “Nancy, the place are you Nancy?” which means the speaker of the Home.

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