Texas Energy Blackouts Had been Preventable — However Freedumb, Dammit!

The failure of the Texas electrical grid on this historic winter storm is a textbook instance of why bumper sticker insurance policies Simply. Do not. Work.

See, for an assortment of wingnut concepts — “independence,” defending the almighty petrochemical business from taxation, and so on. — Texas has its personal energy grid. If Texas had raised taxes and invested in infrastructure upgrades, they could possibly be a part of the nationwide energy grid — and people folks shivering this storm might have electrical energy despatched from different elements of the nation. However freedumb!

This is Texas senator John Cornyn blaming it on wind energy:

It wasn’t simply wind generators, although. The coal and gasoline mills additionally froze. But northeastern states have climate like this on a regular basis, increase the taxes to help the infrastructure. However Texas is just too invested in being a low-tax state to face actuality.

In the meantime, as a result of Texas would not consider in worth regulation on the retail vitality market, 1000’s of consumers can be charged as a lot as $9000 per kilowatt hour for electrical energy throughout this storm:

Which returns me to 2 of my favourite mantras as I watch a few of my mates retire to Florida and Texas “as a result of the taxes are low and it is heat”:

1. There are now not any locations to cover from excessive climate.

2. There is no such thing as a such factor as a low-tax state. There are solely tax cuts for the rich which are a deferred cost on public infrastructure.

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