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Renowned Pathologist Dr. Anthony Epstein, Discoverer of Epstein-Barr Virus, Passes Away at 102


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In March of 1961, Dr. Anthony Epstein, a pathologist at Middlesex Hospital in London, virtually skipped a visiting doctor’s afternoon lecture about youngsters with exceptionally giant facial tumors in Uganda.

The doctor, Dr. Denis Burkitt, a local of Ireland who known as himself a bush surgeon, confirmed slides of bulbous tumors that emerged alongside the jawline and occurred in tropical African areas the place rainfall was excessive. During his lecture, Dr. Burkitt mapped a veritable pediatric most cancers belt that prolonged throughout equatorial Africa.

Despite Dr. Epstein’s preliminary reluctance to attend the speak — he sat within the rear to make a fast escape — his pleasure grew the longer Dr. Burkitt spoke. By the time the lecture was over, he knew that he would drop all of his ongoing initiatives to seek out the reason for the weird malignancy. His doctoral scholar, Yvonne Barr, quickly joined him and, by 1964, their groundbreaking analysis uncovered the primary virus able to inflicting most cancers in people.

He rocked the scientific world with the announcement. Some physicians and scientists applauded the invention; others refused to simply accept it.

Dr. Epstein died on Feb. 6 at his house in London. He was 102. His loss of life was confirmed by the University of Bristol, the place Dr. Epstein was a professor of pathology from 1968 to 1985, and had additionally served as the pinnacle of the division for 15 years.

The pathogen that got here to bear his and Dr. Barr’s names — Epstein-Barr virus — belongs to the herpes household and is among the most ubiquitous on the planet. An estimated 90 p.c of the world’s grownup inhabitants carries the virus, which is also referred to as E.B.V.

“To have the insight and to be able to follow his hypothesis, with a little acknowledged serendipity, and identify the novel virus was pioneering,” Dr. Darryl Hill, who heads the University of Bristol’s School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine in England, mentioned in an e-mail.

Studies since Dr. Epstein’s discovery have linked E.B.V., which is unfold by means of shut human contact, to many medical circumstances, together with a number of sclerosis and lengthy Covid. As with different members of the herpes household, as soon as contaminated with E.B.V., you’re contaminated for all times.

“Most people never know they’re infected,” Jeffrey Cohen, the chief of the Laboratory of Infectious Diseases on the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases instructed The New York Times in 2022.

E.B.V. is the reason for mononucleosis, the so-called kissing illness, which primarily afflicts youngsters and younger adults with a fever and swollen lymph nodes. E.B.V. can also be related to Hodgkin’s lymphoma and a nasal-and-throat most cancers frequent in China.

The tumor that impacts youngsters in Africa, referred to as Burkitt lymphoma has been recognized in different tropical areas as effectively, similar to Brazil and New Guinea. Medical scientists theorize that E.B.V. causes pediatric lymphomas in tropical zones as a result of youngsters in such areas usually have weakened immunity from publicity to malaria parasites. The World Health Organization estimates that there are three to 6 instances of Burkitt lymphoma per 100,000 youngsters yearly in endemic areas.

When the fiftieth anniversary of E.B.V.’s discovery was celebrated in 2014, Dr. Epstein instructed an interviewer with the BBC what he had been pondering as he listened to Dr. Burkitt communicate.

“I thought there must be some biological agent involved,” Dr. Epstein mentioned. “I was working on chicken viruses which cause cancer. I had virus-inducing tumors at the front of my head.”

The hen virus he was referring to was Rous sarcoma virus, which, when found in 1911 by Dr. Francis Peyton Rous, a pathologist at Rockefeller University in New York, was the primary cancer-causing virus. Dr. Rous received the 1966 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Although a Nobel eluded Drs. Epstein and Barr, their discovery has had an enduring affect on science and medication.

“We now know of several viruses and bacterial species that are able to cause certain types of cancer,” Dr. Hill mentioned. “However, one could argue that the Epstein-Barr virus discovery paved the way for some cancers to be preventable by vaccination.”

Vaccines can be found in opposition to human papillomavirus, or HPV, which causes cervical and different types of most cancers. The hepatitis B vaccine helps to thwart liver most cancers. But there isn’t a vaccine in opposition to Epstein-Barr, although two candidate vaccines are in early-phase scientific analysis.

E.B.V.’s discovery was not fast. Dr. Burkitt despatched tumor biopsies to London from Kampala, Uganda, however Dr. Epstein couldn’t discover viruses within the early specimens, in accordance with Dr. Hill, who wrote a remembrance of Dr. Epstein for the University of Bristol.

When one other biopsy cargo was diverted from Heathrow Airport to a different airport in Manchester, England, due to fog, the pattern appeared doomed, Dr. Hill mentioned.

“By the time the sample reached Tony, it had gone cloudy — usually a sign of bacterial contamination that would consign it to the bin. Tony did not throw it away but examined it carefully,” Dr. Hill wrote in his tribute.

“He discovered, to his surprise, that the cloudiness was due to lymphoid tumor cells that had been shaken off the biopsy in transit and were now floating merrily in suspension.” He continued, “Tony exploited this chance finding to grow cell lines, derived from the tumor, in culture. He showed that these stayed alive indefinitely.”

Studying his new pattern with a strong electron microscope, Dr. Epstein was in a position to spot the distinct viral signature of a herpes virus. Dr. Hill known as the invention a eureka second.

Drs. Epstein, Barr and Bert Achong, who ready the specimens for electron microscopy, introduced the invention in a scientific paper revealed within the March 1964 difficulty of the scientific journal The Lancet.

Dr. Barr died at age 83 in 2016.

Michael Anthony Epstein was born on May 18, 1921, in London and was educated at Trinity College of the University of Cambridge. He was a graduate of Middlesex Hospital Medical School, in accordance with Wolfson College on the University of Oxford.

After leaving the University of Bristol in 1985, Dr. Epstein turned a fellow at Wolfson College and remained on the establishment till he retired in 2001. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1991.

His marriage to Lisbeth Knight resulted in divorce within the Sixties. Survivors embrace his longtime companion, Dr. Katherine Ward, a virologist, two sons from his marriage, Michael and Simon Epstein, in addition to a daughter, Susan Holmes.

He instructed the BBC in 2014 that certainly one of his most ardent needs was the event of a vaccine in opposition to E.B.V. His want could come true within the not-too-distant future if present analysis prevails.


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