Ray Ahearn: Election reality deniers

Printed: 3/3/2021 3:04:30 PM

A Monmouth College ballot launched Jan. 25 discovered that totally 70% of Republicans nonetheless imagine that Trump misplaced the 2020 election as a consequence of voter fraud. Amongst this group, one-third say they’ll no means settle for Biden as president.

One has to marvel how we acquired so far the place so many imagine that Trump was a sufferer of a “Large Steal,” and what could be finished about it? Partially, we acquired there as a result of these MAGA devotees have been fed a ton of steady lies and quack theories Trump and GOP leaders in regards to the election.

A few of the most typical claims have been that useless individuals, out-of-state residents, and non-citizens solid unlawful ballots for Biden. A extra excessive allegation concerned rigged voting equipment flipping votes from Trump to Biden. Whereas voter fraud has a protracted historical past in American politics, few have superior such claims with as a lot frequency and little proof as Trump did.

Ideas abound on what must be finished. These vary from bringing again the Equity Doctrine, which required the Federal Communications Fee to implement some stability of opinion broadcasters, to public training reforms, which might prioritize civics and significant pondering abilities. Others have urged new public relations efforts to counter the large misinformation that’s pedaled in many various media fora right this moment.

Whereas these proposals have benefit, additionally they have little likelihood of swaying the minds of those election reality deniers within the brief time period. My suggestion is to strive some reverse psychology. Accordingly, I say to those people who if Biden and the Democrats can (1) secretly infiltrate 1000’s of polling locations and hoodwink tons of of county election boards; (2) snooker the Division of Homeland Safety into declaring that the 2020 election was the “most safe in American historical past;” (3) dupe 59 judges, many Republican-appointed, into rejecting all however one voter-fraud allegation lawsuit; and (4) do all of it with out springing one leak …. nicely isn’t that who we wish to be working our nation?

Ray Ahearn


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