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Lina Khan’s Antitrust Revolution: Can She Pull It Off?


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CNN – When the Federal Trade Commission and 17 states sued Amazon last month in an antitrust case, Lina Khan, chair of the FTC, declared it to be a “cutting-edge” lawsuit capturing “state-of-the-art thinking” about modern tech industry monopolies. This case is vital for Khan and represents the toughest regulatory challenge Amazon has faced in recent years. However, it also marks the culmination of Khan’s years-long efforts to challenge traditional ideas about protecting competition in the tech sector. The success of this lawsuit could have significant implications for Amazon’s e-commerce business and possibly a broader revolution in antitrust law thanks to Khan’s efforts. Other than the Amazon lawsuit, Khan is working on antitrust actions against major tech companies including Microsoft and Meta. Despite the challenges she faces from businesses, law, and a mixed legal record, Khan aims to tackle daily economic issues affecting ordinary Americans. Her efforts have sparked a global debate on the power of technology companies and the role of governments in regulating them. A 2017 article on Amazon by Khan turned out to be a huge success and caught the attention of lawmakers looking to restrain the dominance of tech giants. In 2021, President Biden appointed Khan to serve as an FTC commissioner, giving her one of the highest positions at the agency. She has since led an FTC program aiming to scale up US antitrust and consumer protection enforcement.


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