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Florida Prison Has Unsanitary Conditions According to Justice Dept. Watchdog


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Inspectors from the Justice Department’s internal watchdog recently visited a federal women’s prison in Tallahassee, Fla., and discovered shockingly serious issues. They found moldy bread, rotting food, insect and rodent infestations, damaged structure, leaks, and contraband hiding locations. The facility houses about 750 women and has been reported to have “serious operational deficiencies.” These issues were identified in a public report by the department’s inspector general.

These appalling conditions are indicative of the worsening crisis within the prison bureau, which operates more than 120 facilities, all of which need serious repairs.

Michael E. Horowitz, the Justice Department’s inspector general, described the findings as “stunning.” This troubling assessment is part of a new program of intensive spot inspections that aim to provide lawmakers with firsthand experiences of prison conditions.

The inspections aim to improve conditions at individual facilities, such as filling vacant positions and initiating clean-up efforts. However, the larger objective is to secure support for increased funding to address the system-wide crisis and infrastructure needs within the Bureau of Prisons.

Currently, the bureau is struggling to retain employees and in dire need of repairs, renovations, and additional resources for staffing.

The inspection at Tallahassee revealed food storage issues, structural failures, and widespread neglect of building maintenance, all contributing to a horrendous environment for both inmates and staff.

According to the report, the prison’s infrastructure needs were not included in the bureau’s repair wish list, which only adds to the severity of the situation.

The findings from the report emphasize the urgency for corrective actions to ensure that the facilities operate safely and humanely. They underscore the necessity of secure funding to tackle the critical state of conditions at federal women’s prisons and within the overall prison system.


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