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Cruise’s Rapid Growth Provokes Regulatory Backlash: Navigating the Aftermath


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Two months ago, Kyle Vogt, the chief executive of Cruise, became emotional as he discussed a tragic incident where a self-driving car hit and killed a 4-year-old girl in San Francisco. Vogt believes that self-driving cars, like those designed by Cruise, can make streets safer due to their lack of distractions, drowsiness, or impairment. However, Cruise is now facing its own safety concerns following an incident where one of its driverless taxis hit and dragged a woman. The company has been accused of omitting this information from a video provided to regulators and has been ordered to cease its driverless operations. In response, Cruise has suspended all driverless operations around the country and has hired a law firm and a consulting firm to investigate the incident and evaluate possible changes. Company insiders blame a tech industry culture that prioritized speed over safety for the company’s problems. Vogt addressed Cruise employees, acknowledging the loss of public trust and outlining a plan to regain it through transparency and a stronger emphasis on safety. However, there are concerns that Cruise’s issues may lead to stricter regulations for all driverless car companies. G.M., Cruise’s parent company, expressed its continued commitment to Cruise and its belief in the company’s mission and technology. Vogt, who has been working on self-driving cars since he was a teenager, founded Cruise Automation in 2013 and sold it to G.M. three years later. Since then, Vogt has played a significant role in Cruise’s expansion and aggressive plans for the future. However, the recent incident has resulted in halted operations, financial burdens, and potential reputational damage for Cruise and G.M.


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