California Lockdowns Prolonged… Till When Precisely?

With the entire actual science that’s popping out of the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve been informed to not put on masks as a result of they do nothing, then to put on them as a result of they save the lives of others, and effectively, now we’re purported to put on them as a result of they’re efficient to guard us.  Even AFTER individuals obtain the vaccine, which can make them 90+% resistant to the virus, they too must put on masks.  Moreover, those that have already had COVID-19 can even want the virus.  In different phrases, those that have the antibodies will in some way want extra antibodies.  We have been informed we may nonetheless transmit the virus even when we weren’t sick, which now seems to not be science in any respect.

Additionally born from the COVID “science” was the “two weeks to flatten the curve” mantra, through which if all of us simply stayed house, we’d let hospitals catch up and it could enable for us all to get again to our lives sooner.

Besides it didn’t work.  Now, greater than 9 months later, we’re nonetheless speaking about staying house to guard the weak and front-line healthcare employees.  The issue is, there’s actually zero science to again it up.  Within the days main as much as Thanksgiving, California introduced a month-long stay-at-home order to interrupt the rising numbers of hospitalized circumstances as ICU circumstances rose.

Now after greater than a month of strict lockdown orders, through which now we have misplaced a whole lot if not hundreds of extra companies, and despatched individuals house for among the most miserable holidays now we have had in years.  Regardless of these mandates and lockdowns, ICU ranges nonetheless rose anyway, which has now prolonged these stay-at-home orders for…. effectively…. we don’t actually understand how for much longer.

Now once more, if lockdowns have been efficient, we’d have seen a drop in ICU charges, not an increase in them.  If there was an increase, the autumn ought to have begun about two weeks after the preliminary spike, as individuals have been house to stop the unfold.  Additional science has additionally said that almost all of people that have died from COVID-19 or associated issues have additionally suffered from a Vitamin D deficiency, which may occur as a result of somebody has been inside and never uncovered to a pure supply of Vitamin D, the solar.

It simply doesn’t make sense at this level to proceed these lockdowns as states with lockdowns do not need any decrease of a transmission price than does that of states with out lockdowns.

It appears increasingly more that science is solely their software for manipulation, slightly than a method of proving the necessity for his or her draconian measures, which more often than not, the leaders don’t comply with anyway.

Anyway, again to compliance with “science” guys!

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