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Avoiding Hippo Attacks: Tips for Staying Safe from One of Africa’s Most Dangerous Animals


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CNN  — 

Paul Templer was dwelling his finest life. He was 28 and conducting excursions in his native Zimbabwe, with a concentrate on photographic safaris. He had been away for a couple of years, together with a stint within the British military. But he had returned to Africa’s bush nation “and fell back in love with it. The wildlife, the flora, the fauna, the great outdoors, the space – just everything about it. I was at home.”

Templer mentioned Zimbabwe’s information certification program was rigorous, and there was a variety of pleasure among the many guides who handed. He reveled in exhibiting vacationers the world’s majestic wildlife – together with the water-loving, very territorial hippos.

“It was idyllic,” he advised CNN Travel. “Life was really, really good – until one day I had a really bad day at the office.”

March 9, 1996. A Saturday. Templer realized a superb pal who was to steer a canoe safari down the Zambezi River had malaria. He agreed to take his pal’s place. “I loved that stretch of the river. It was an area I know like the back of my hand.”

The expedition consisted of six safari purchasers (4 Air France crewmembers and a pair from Germany), three apprentice guides plus Templer. They had three canoes – purchasers within the first two seats and a information within the again. Then one apprentice information was in a one-person security kayak. And down the famed Zambezi they went. “Things were going the way they were supposed to go. Everyone was having a pretty good time.”

Eventually, they got here throughout a pod of a few dozen hippos. That’s not surprising on the Zambezi, Africa’s fourth-longest river. They weren’t alarmed at first as they had been at a secure distance. But “we were getting closer, and I was trying to take evasive action. … The idea was let’s just paddle safely around the hippos.”

Templer’s canoe led the way in which, with the opposite two canoes and kayak to comply with. He pulled into slightly channel ready on the others. But the third canoe had fallen again from the group and was off the deliberate course. Templer’s undecided how that occurred.

”Suddenly, there’s this huge thud. And I see the canoe, just like the again of it, catapulted up into the air. And Evans, the information at the back of the canoe, catapulted out of the canoe.”

The purchasers managed to stay within the canoe one way or the other. “Evans is in the water, and the current is washing Evans toward a mama hippo and her calf 150 meters [490 feet] away. … So I know I’ve got to get him out quickly. I don’t have time to drop my clients off.”

He yells to Ben, one of many different guides, to retrieve the purchasers who had been within the canoe that had been attacked. Ben obtained the purchasers to security on a rock in the course of the river that hippos couldn’t climb. Meanwhile, Templer turned his canoe round to get Evans.

The plan was to drag alongside of him and pull him into Templer’s canoe.

“I was paddling towards him … getting closer, and I saw this bow wave coming towards me. If you’ve ever seen any of those old movies with a torpedo coming toward a ship, it was kind of like that. I knew it was either a hippo or a really large crocodile coming at me,” he mentioned.

“But I also knew that if I slapped the blade of my paddle on water … that’s really loud. And the percussion underwater seems to turn the animals away,” he mentioned. “So I slapped the water, and as it was supposed to do, the torpedo wave stops.” He was getting nearer to Evans, however they had been additionally getting nearer to the feminine and calf. “I’m leaning over – it’s kind of a made-for-Hollywood movie – Evans is reaching up. … Our fingers almost touched. And then the water between us just erupted. Happened so fast I didn’t see a thing.”

What occurred subsequent was nightmarish and surreal. “My world went dark and strangely quiet.” Templer mentioned it took a couple of seconds to determine what was occurring. “From the waist down, I could feel the water. I could feel I was wet in the river. From my waist up, it was different. I was warm, and it wasn’t wet like the river, but it wasn’t dry either. And it was just incredible pressure on my lower back. I tried to move around; I couldn’t. “I realized I was up to my waist down a hippo’s throat.”

Hippos: Huge, territorial and harmful

There’s a superb cause a totally grown hippopotamus can match a big portion of a totally grown grownup in its mouth. Hippos can develop as much as 16.5 toes lengthy (5 meters), 5.2 toes tall (1.6 meters) and weigh as much as 4.5 tons (4 metric tonnes), in accordance with National Geographic.

They sport huge mouths and might open their sturdy jaws to 150 levels. Their tooth is likely to be essentially the most horrifying factor of all. Their molars are used for consuming vegetation, however their sharp canines, which could attain 20 inches (51 centimeters), are for protection and combating. Their chew is nearly 3 times stronger than that of a lion. One chew from a hippo can probably reduce a human physique in half.

They’re discovered naturally in numerous elements sub-Saharan Africa, significantly in East and Southern Africa, dwelling in or close to rivers and different water sources. (And they’re an invasive species in Colombia due to escapees from drug lord Pablo Escobar’s menagerie). Hippos are very territorial and may aggressively assault any animal encroaching on their territory, together with hyenas, lions and crocodiles.

Hippos and people ‘If I say run, you run’: CNN goes looking for Pablo Escobar’s hippos They additionally kill folks. That we all know for certain. Many web sources say round 500 a 12 months, however an actual determine remains to be unsure as a result of some assaults and deaths are available very distant areas and don’t get reported.
“The question I get asked the most when people find out I study hippos is: ‘Is it true hippos kill more people than any animal?’ Rebecca Lewison, conservation ecologist and associate professor at San Diego State University, told CNN Travel in an email interview. “I’m not entirely sure where that started but … there is no authority or reliable data. People are surprised that hippos kill people. They look slow, and they are mostly in water. There are some nonfatal interactions, but people (or hippos) tend to fare badly from interactions.”

Dr. Philip Muruthi, chief scientist and vice chairman of species conservation and science of the African Wildlife Foundation, mentioned the AWF doesn’t have a reputable supply on the variety of assaults or fatalities both. While extra stats should be collected, one research discovered that the chance of being killed by a hippopotamus assault is within the vary of 29% to 87% – larger than that of a grizzly bear assault at 4.8%, shark assault at 22.7% and crocodile assault at 25%.

Those had been relatively dangerous odds of survival working in opposition to Templer. “I’m guessing I was wedged so far down its throat it must have been uncomfortable because he spat me out. So I burst to the surface, sucked a lungful of fresh air and I came face to face with Evans, the guide who I was trying to rescue. And I said, ‘We got to get out of here!’ ”

So as soon as once more, I’m as much as my waist down the hippo’s throat. But this time, my legs are trapped however my arms are free. But Evans was in deep trouble. Templer began swimming again for him “and I was just moving in for your classic lifesaver’s hold when – WHAM! – I got hit from below. So once again, I’m up to my waist down the hippo’s throat. But this time my legs are trapped but my hands are free.”

He tried to go for his gun, however he was being thrashed round a lot he couldn’t seize it. The hippo – which turned out to be an older, aggressive male – spat Templer out a second time. “This time after I come to the floor…


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