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Because the day after the 2020 presidential election, I’ve mentioned I’m agnostic with regard as to whether the election was actually or dishonestly determined.

The first causes for my agnosticism are the same old ones:

In 132 years, no president has acquired extra votes in his run for reelection and misplaced. But Donald Trump acquired 10 million extra votes in 2020 than in 2016 — and misplaced.

Trump received 18 of the 19 counties each Democrats and Republicans regard because the “bellwether” counties that nearly at all times go together with the end result of presidential elections. But he misplaced.

He received 4 bellwether states — Florida, Ohio, Iowa and North Carolina. But he misplaced.

Republicans held onto all of the Home seats they had been defending and gained one other 13 seats. But, Trump misplaced.

Add the next to the anomalies:

Unprecedented efforts had been made in some states to alter election legal guidelines.

Largely Democratic states despatched out tens of hundreds of thousands of ballots or purposes for absentee ballots to individuals who no means requested them.

Voting started in some states six weeks earlier than Election Day.

Individuals have submitted sworn affidavits at nice private value and with potential perjury expenses that they witnessed poll tampering on election evening.

However all these items would matter little if Democrats concerned in ballot-counting felt morally compelled to depend votes actually.

So, then, there may be one query I’ve no means heard posed that trumps all different concerns: Would ethical concerns forestall Democrats from dishonest to oust Trump? Or, to place the query within the constructive: Would Democrats deem it morally compulsory to cheat on behalf of Joe Biden?

The reply to the primary query isn’t any: Ethical concerns wouldn’t forestall first rate Democrats from dishonest to stop Trump’s reelection. The reply to the second query is sure: First rate Democrats would deem it morally compulsory to cheat on behalf of Biden.

For 4 years, the media and their get together, the Democrats, instructed us day-after-day that Trump is a fascist, a dictator, a racist and a white supremacist; that he was an agent of the Russian authorities — a real-life Manchurian candidate. We had been additionally repeatedly instructed the mendacity media (Trump’s correct description of the mainstream media) that in Charlottesville, Va., Trump mentioned there are “very wonderful” Nazis (see the PragerU video, “The Charlottesville Lie”). Sure, the media instructed us with a straight face {that a} man with a Jewish daughter, Jewish son-in-law and Jewish grandchildren mentioned there are wonderful Nazis. Biden mentioned he determined to run for president due to this lie.

So, then, right here is the query: Why would anybody who sincerely believed Trump is a white-supremacist fascist dictator not cheat if she or he may forestall such an individual from turning into or remaining president of the USA?

Let me sharpen this query: Isn’t somebody who may forestall a fascist, white-supremacist, Nazi-defending dictator morally obligated to cheat if she or he may forestall such an individual from turning into president?

I actually would. If I had been ready to cheat as a way to forestall a fascist from turning into president, why would I not cheat? I consider probably the most related instance: the Nazis within the 1932 elections, Germany’s final free election till after World Warfare II. Although the Nazi Get together didn’t obtain a majority of votes, the Nazis held probably the most seats within the Reichstag, and the pinnacle of the get together, Adolf Hitler, was named chancellor of Germany. If I had been ready to have prevented the Nazis from coming to energy dishonest within the vote-count, wouldn’t I’ve been morally obligated to take action — and subsequently performed so? The reply is apparent.

To repeat, I’ve no means mentioned Biden didn’t win the election. And even when there was appreciable fraud, that doesn’t imply the election outcome would have been totally different.

However there are penalties to beliefs. Until Democrats knew they had been mendacity for 4 years after they labeled Trump a fascist, racist, Nazi, dictator, and so on., had been they not duty-bound to cheat on Biden’s behalf? So, then, when you’ve circumstantial proof (not proof), mixed with alternative, want, motive and, most vital, no ethical argument in opposition to dishonest and a robust ethical argument for dishonest, it isn’t a “lie,” and it isn’t a crackpot conspiracy concept, to surprise concerning the integrity of America’s 2020 presidential election.

Prager is a nationally syndicated radio talk-show host and columnist. Contact him at

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